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Dorothy PURNELL's parents: Tom PURNELL ( - ) and Fanny HOPKINS (1890-1977)
Dorothy PURNELL's sister: Margaret PURNELL (1915-2008)

Family of George William GALLINI and Dorothy May PURNELL

Husband: George William GALLINI (1910-1992)
Wife: Dorothy May PURNELL (1913-1979)
Children: Paul GALLINI
Marriage Q4 1941 Warwick

Husband: George William GALLINI

      George William GALLINI
Name: George William GALLINI
Sex: Male
Father: Albert Edward GALLINI (1867-1931)
Mother: Minnie MATTOCKS ( - )
Birth 8 Mar 1910 Birkenhead
Death 1992 (age 81-82) Mid Warks

Wife: Dorothy May PURNELL

      Dorothy May PURNELL, "Dorothy 02"
Name: Dorothy May PURNELL
Sex: Female
Father: Tom PURNELL ( - )
Mother: Fanny HOPKINS (1890-1977)
Birth 29 Jul 1913 Leaminton Spa, Warwickshire
Death Q2 1979 (age 65) Camborne, Cornwall

Child 1: Paul GALLINI

Name: Paul GALLINI
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Astrid H E EBREY-HENNING
Spouse 2: Olivia HOPE
Spouse 3: Elena ABDULLINA

Note on Husband: George William GALLINI

Schools attended Apr 1919 - 17 Nov 1920 Ousden School, Norfolk ref Louise Pink email 10 Apr 2001

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