The Gallini Family Tree
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Zamanatha GALLINI's other family: with ______ ______
Zamanatha GALLINI's parents: Ronnie P GALLINI and Kim ARNOLD
Zamanatha GALLINI's brother: Ryan Alexander L GALLINI

Family of James Stephen WRIGHT and Zamanatha Kay L GALLINI

Husband: James Stephen WRIGHT (1979- )
Wife: Zamanatha Kay L GALLINI
Children: Elise WRIGHT (2003- )
Morgan Elizabeth WRIGHT

Husband: James Stephen WRIGHT

Name: James Stephen WRIGHT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 14 May 1979 Ipswich, Suffolk

Wife: Zamanatha Kay L GALLINI

Name: Zamanatha Kay L GALLINI
Sex: Female
Father: Ronnie P GALLINI
Mother: Kim ARNOLD

Child 1: Elise WRIGHT

Name: Elise WRIGHT
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Nov 2003

Child 2: Morgan Elizabeth WRIGHT

Name: Morgan Elizabeth WRIGHT
Sex: Female