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William MARINER's other family: with Greta L DUNNING ( - )
William MARINER's sister: Isabell MARINER (1916-2002)
Olive NOAD's parents: ? NOAD ( - ) and Emmilene BROOKS ( - )

Family of William Thomas MARINER and Olive M NOAD

Husband: William Thomas MARINER (1918-1983)
Wife: Olive M NOAD (1923- )
Children: Michael William MARINER
Margaret Elizabeth MARINER
Marriage 1953

Husband: William Thomas MARINER

      William Thomas MARINER, "BILL_MAR"
Name: William Thomas MARINER
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Henry MARINER (1884-1954)
Mother: Isabella GALLINI (1891-1983)
Birth 3 Dec 1918
Death 5 Feb 1983 (age 64) Australia

Additional Information

Death Cause: Cancer

Wife: Olive M NOAD

      Olive M NOAD, "OLIVEMAR"
Name: Olive M NOAD
Sex: Female
Father: ? NOAD ( - )
Mother: Emmilene BROOKS ( - )
Birth 5 Oct 1923

Child 1: Michael William MARINER

Name: Michael William MARINER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan Patricia RAYNER

Child 2: Margaret Elizabeth MARINER

Name: Margaret Elizabeth MARINER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Steven ROBB

Note on Husband: William Thomas MARINER (1)

Name Used: Bill

Note on Husband: William Thomas MARINER (2)

Addresses - 1 53 Kingsmead Road Dates: ?

Tulse Hill

London SW2

Note on Wife: Olive M NOAD

Name Used: Olive