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Freda MEYER's other family: with Eric Upton THOMPSON (1907-1993)

Family of Leonard SUTTON and Freda Florence MEYER

Husband: Leonard SUTTON (1910-1973)
Wife: Freda Florence MEYER (1918- )
Marriage 4 May 1957 Registry Office, Wandsworth

Husband: Leonard SUTTON

Name: Leonard SUTTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Dec 1910 Hackney, Middlesex
Death 11 Jun 1973 (age 62) Wimbledon Hospital

Wife: Freda Florence MEYER

Name: Freda Florence MEYER
Sex: Female
Father: Ernest MEYER (1884-1981)
Mother: Florence Louise GALLINI (1888-1979)
Birth 24 Oct 1918 Lambeth, London