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Sophia DUNN's father: John DUNN ( - )

Family of Francis Albert GALLINI and Sophia DUNN

Husband: Francis Albert GALLINI (1806-1843)
Wife: Sophia DUNN ( - )
Children: Sophia Anna Mary GALLINI (1839- )
Anne GALLINI (1840-1917)
Marriage 2 Dec 1837 St George, Hanover Square, London

Husband: Francis Albert GALLINI

Name: Francis Albert GALLINI
Sex: Male
Father: Francis Cecil GALLINI , Captain. (1766-1815)
Mother: Mary Augusta BAYLY (1780-1848)
Birth 17 Jan 1806
Baptism 2 Nov 1816 (age 10) Reading, St James RC
Occupation Gentleman
Death Q2 1843 (age 37) Wandsworth

Wife: Sophia DUNN

Name: Sophia DUNN
Sex: Female
Father: John DUNN ( - )
Mother: -

Child 1: Sophia Anna Mary GALLINI

Name: Sophia Anna Mary GALLINI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas SCRATTON (1821- )
Birth 1839 Clapham, Surrey

Child 2: Anne GALLINI

Name: Anne GALLINI
Sex: Female
Birth 1840 France
Death 12 Jun 1917 (age 76-77) Monfort Lodge, Church Road, Clacton, Essex

Additional Information

Death Cause: Senile decay

Note on Husband: Francis Albert GALLINI

Also Baptised on 20-12-1809 at St Thomas, Winchester

Date of death of Francis Ann Penelope Harriet would suggest

Franics Albert's birth after 1-12-1812.