The Gallini Family Tree
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Andrew GALLINI's other family: with Rachel J HUSSKISON
Andrew GALLINI's parents: Malcolm Stanley GALLINI and Maureen Pamela GREEN
Andrew GALLINI's brother: Neil Thomas GALLINI

Family of Andrew Nigel GALLINI and Janine RUWAIDAN

Husband: Andrew Nigel GALLINI
Wife: Janine RUWAIDAN
Children: Ella Florence Jemima GALLINI

Husband: Andrew Nigel GALLINI

Name: Andrew Nigel GALLINI
Sex: Male
Father: Malcolm Stanley GALLINI
Mother: Maureen Pamela GREEN

Wife: Janine RUWAIDAN

Name: Janine RUWAIDAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Ella Florence Jemima GALLINI

Name: Ella Florence Jemima GALLINI
Sex: Female