The Gallini Family Tree
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Brenig LAUDER's father: David Thomas LAUDER ( - )
Susan HOWES's brother: Peter Edward HOWES

Family of Brenig LAUDER and Susan Elizabeth HOWES

Husband: Brenig LAUDER ( - )
Wife: Susan Elizabeth HOWES
Children: Richard N LAUDER

Husband: Brenig LAUDER

Name: Brenig LAUDER
Sex: Male
Father: David Thomas LAUDER ( - )
Mother: -
Occupation 1965 Engineer

Wife: Susan Elizabeth HOWES

Name: Susan Elizabeth HOWES
Sex: Female
Father: Albert Ernest Edward HOWES (1908- )
Mother: Winifred Ida BODDINGTON (1906-1980)

Child 1: Richard N LAUDER

Name: Richard N LAUDER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane CATCHPOLE

Child 2: Garath N LAUDER

Name: Garath N LAUDER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane S PARKER