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Patrick MCCOMB's father: Patrick MCCOMB ( - )
Margaret COX's sister: Brenda COX (1937- )

Family of Patrick William John MCCOMB and Margaret Ena COX

Husband: Patrick William John MCCOMB (1930- )
Wife: Margaret Ena COX (1933- )
Children: Christina MCCOMB
Helen MCCOMB ( - )
Gary MCCOMB ( - )
Lindsay J MCCOMB
Marriage 11 Apr 1955 St Mary's Catholic Church, High Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Husband: Patrick William John MCCOMB

Name: Patrick William John MCCOMB
Sex: Male
Father: Patrick MCCOMB ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1930
Occupation 1955 (age 24-25) Rental clerk (Gas Board)

Wife: Margaret Ena COX

Name: Margaret Ena COX
Sex: Female
Father: Reginald COX (1906- )
Mother: Charlotte Ena BODDINGTON (1906-1990)
Birth 13 Oct 1933 Watersfield, Cold Waltham, Sussex
Occupation 1955 (age 21-22) Shorthand typist (Insurance company)

Child 1: Christina MCCOMB

Name: Christina MCCOMB
Sex: Female

Child 2: Helen MCCOMB

Name: Helen MCCOMB
Sex: Female

Child 3: Gary MCCOMB

Name: Gary MCCOMB
Sex: Male

Child 4: Lindsay J MCCOMB

Name: Lindsay J MCCOMB
Sex: Female